What we do

Coral Gold designs and projects its own ideas with their personal designers and draftsmen, and third parties dependences. Thanks to the programme CAD for its planning, the quality of results is at its highest profile and this allows the company to follow and understand a clients request in simple ideas to the final defined realization. Projects can also be obtained in 2D & 3D.
Production in precious metals and not precious metals; Collections of products are available in various colours of gold manufacturing; ( 22kt – 18kt- 14kt- 10kt- 9kt- 8kt )

  • LASER LABELLING AND CUTTING: Laser designer in extraordinaire prestige label brands. The laser imprint trace is impalpable and permanent , for writing inserts , places & dates, indications, which is applicable in any form off material matter , in a quick mode and qualitatively unexceptionable. Applicable in various and numerous fields of production. Introduce into the company in 2005, the laser allows unreachable quality of definitions of cuttings. The laser system can cut superfine metal plate's dimensional thickness up to 0.80 mm for the realization of particularly and complex designs of products with the maximum of precision. This type of workmanship and manufacturing has been recognized and acknowledged to the highest level of quality.
  • CNC: The Cnc or "centre numeric of control" was introduced into the company in 2003. The cutting is performed on the base designs of production or cutting approved by client's company request.
  • DIAMOND CUT ENGRAVING: The furrows that the diamond point cuts leaves are a chromatic and splendid reflexion of light and colours.
  • JEWELLERY AND FASHION JEWELLERY: The unique creativity designs of the Lombardi brothers, exquisite jewels for women and men in precious metals , create ideal gifts for special moments and celebrated occasions and sensuous pleasure to wear. Beautiful wide range of collection accessories and extra astonishing esthetical designs that dazzle s' your imagination.

Some of our work