The Company

The Coral gold was founded in 1981- Arezzo by Alfonso Lombardi President of the company. The company evolutes its beginning in a favourable economical situation in conjunction within there sector of trade, but thanks to thirty years of experience of knowhow and knowledge in their handicraft Craftmentship still today the company is in a continuous evolution growth, thanks to the sons of Alfonso, Alessandro and Claudio.
The philosophy of the company see s' itself in continuous research and renovation in secrets of ideas to obtain major achievements for its future without no end.
Continuality and constant development of improvement, open to new horizons of ideas, such as the introduction of laser system development in there manufacturing production, renders the laboratory of Coral Gold to the astonishment an contentment of their clients towards their unique uniform style creations.
Not only you do find high quality jewellery or costume fashion jewellery, but also minute semi finished products, presswork stamping, diamond cut engraving, artistic manufacturing, labelling for designer brands.
Coral Gold has always design and manufacture on project design planning, creating and rendering the unimaginative ideas from their clients, this way benefiting and upgrading the latest technology towards new future ideas and extending in growth in complete new sectors of business.